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We are a leader in Industrial Coatings for the the Oil and Gas industry
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Abrasive Blasting—Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting, Inc.

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting, Inc. is a full service nationwide painting contractor providing our customers with years of experience in the commercial, industrial, marine and offshore fields.  Our wet and dry abrasive blasting facility and on site applications gives our company the capability in new construction and maintenance. No job is too big or too small, whether we're providing industrial coatingsabrasive blasting for marine applications, or protective coatings for a pipeline facility.  Recognizing our client as our most important link to success, we have built a foundation for positive customer relationships.
Protective Coating Applications
Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting specializes in various types of protective coatings for many different applications  Some of these but not limited to include:
·Tank Linings
·Secondary Containments

Specializing as well in: electrical painting, both energized or de-energized equipment including transformers, radiators, OCB's switchgear buildings, etc.   We have done work in facilities that include marine and offshore fields, refineries, water/municipalities, chemical and power plants.

The ability to diversify our resources sets Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting apart from the competition.  By doing this we can give our clients a professional quality job that is cost minimized.  With this in mind, safety and quality control is our number one priority.  By implementing a safety and quality control program keeps the job on track, keeping job costs to a minimum.

With years of experience in the abrasive blasting and industrial coatings and painting business we have the expertise we need to implement the challenges of each project with precise proportions.  With an expert management team Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting can give its clients the assurance of a job well done with cost effectiveness, technical expertise and the resources needed to complete the job.  

Cypress Bayou's Support Team:
Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting is committed in building strong relationships with future clients, current clients, and employees.  We will do this by providing quality craftsmen with the training and expertise to get the job done right.  We will provide a management team that is dedicated to the project and corresponds to the client's management team.  By safety programs implemented, communication and precise scheduling.  Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting is the best choice for your latest project

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting located in Orange Texas has been in the industrial painting business for 18 years.  As a beginning company in 1992, Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting has grown to a multimillion-dollar company employing up to 250 employees.  

Thriving on the Safety of Our Company and Your Company:
Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting is a quality company leading the industry in safety and quality control.  Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting thrives on safety for our employees as well as the customers they serve. Our company implements a complete safety program for its employees and clients.  We have done this by providing a program that trains its employees via craft skills assessment and craft skill training.  This leaves our company with multi-skilled craftsmen with the adaptability to administer the job in hand.  We are accredited by training centers such as the National Center of Education and Research (NCCER), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and various local training facilities.  By providing this training and safety program and keeping up with the newest technology that is available. We can ensure our clients they are getting a level of competence and security for the job being done accurate and cost minimum.

Blastyard Facility:
With the utilization of our abrasive blasting yard facility, no job is too big or too small.  With 20 acres, two large indoor buildings and access to the inter-coastal water ways.  Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting has the ability to do projects with large structures such as oil rigs, tanks & mud systems and or piping spools.  The types of steel that have been in our yard include structural shapes, pipe, plate, vessels, and more. As well as these projects we are unlimited to the choice of jobs we are able to accomplish.  

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting belongs to various auditing programs where we are critiqued on our policies and insurance requirements.  Such programs include ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors), IsNetworld, Veraforce, and PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractors Screening).  With these programs implemented this gives our customers the ability to analyze our credentials.

So when you need industrial coatings or other types of protective coatings, wet or dry abrasive blasting, or any other type of industrial painting, trust in the experts at Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting, Inc.
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