Cypress Bayou is a leader in prtoective coatings
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Coating Application

What is the advantage of having Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting apply your protective coatings?  Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting is a qualified established company with over 18 years of experience in both protective coatings and abrasive blasting. Our employees are trained in each application with the various application methods. 

Methods Used are:                                                                                     Specializing in containment and environmental control
  • Rollers
  • Conventional spray
  • Conventional Airless
  • Plural Component Pumps

We have applied thin film protective coatings that include:
  • alkyd
  • organic and inorganic zinc
  • Urethane
  • latex/acrylic
  • epoxies. 

Our liners include secondary containment, epoxy, phenolic, non-skid flooring, polyurea, urethane, and epoxy-phenolic. 

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting has the ability to do onsite and offsite applications.  Our abrasive blasting yard facility has over 20 acres for a lay down yard, two bays for large and small projects.  This facility gives us the capability to complete large piping and structural projects. 

With the ability to apply protective coatings to industrial, marine and electrical facilities, Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting is the company that has the expertise and proven track record to provide you the best job in the market.  Our trained personnel have the knowledge that it takes to do your project.

Our mission as a protective coatings company is to provide you the best service and cost related savings.  Our approach as a management team insures a job ran smoothly through scheduling and organization.

Coating Application
Protective Coatings-Effective Applications