Cypress Bayou is leaer in the industrial coatings business
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Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting has many specialty services they provide in regards to the industrial and marine applications, such as abrasive blasting and industrial coatings.  Another one of those services is surface preparation.  We have capabilities in new construction and maintenance with the ability to do in house and onsite services. 

As a surface preparation company we travel nationwide and have a proven track record to access you in your every need.  With a multitude of services and products available Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting should be the industrial paint contractor you ask for. 

Specifications of interest are:

Wet & Dry abrasive blasting:  Materials used include Slags, Garnet, Glass, and Walnut shells
Off site blasting
Water blasting cleaning
Ultra High Pressure water blasting:  up to 40k psi

Other Methods:
Power tool cleaning
Solvent cleaning
Chemical cleaning

Marine Facilities:
We have performed work on cargo tanks, ballast tanks, ship hulls, potable water tanks, fuel tanks, waste tanks, superstructures, offshore gas platforms, dry docked marine vessels, topside marine vessels, derricks, rig legs and offshore drilling platforms.

Industrial Facilities: 
Industrial facilities include Petrochemical facilities, and pulp and paper industries

Electrical Facilities:
Electrical transmission towers, electrical transformers and electrical substations

Pipeline Facilities:
On site pipe and equipment, and pipeline facilities and stations

All these facilities and more have benefitting from our industrial coatings, wet and dry abrasive blasting, and other surface protection services. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your facility today!

Industrial Coatings and Other Surface Preparation Services

Surface Preparation